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Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement

Broken Windshield

Regardless of the age of you car, you need it to be able to use it to get you where ever you want to go. The main thing is that you need it to be safe. Advanced Auto Glass will provide you with the highest quality windshield replacement services available.

This is what you get when you work with Advanced Auto Glass:

  • Quality auto glass and materials

Our windshield glass meets or exceeds all government standards. Our skilled technicians use the best materials for windshield replacement, ensuring a quality windshield installation.

  • Trained technicians

All of our replacement technicians complete extensive classroom and hands-on training.

  • Our warranty is second to none
    Advance Auto Glass is proud of the warranty that we provide our customers.

 What you will need before you contact us.

  • Auto Year
  • Auto make
  • Auto model
  • Any special features your vehicle may have so we may order the correct windshield.
  • Insurance Claim Number (If you have insurance.)
  • Insurance policy (If you have insurance.)
  • Insurance agent contact information. (If you have insurance.)

If you do not have coverage we will be very competitive to get you the best deal available!

How to Replace a Windshield

Our technicians will do the following when they install your windshield:

  1. The technician will show you what the process is for the installation.
  2. They will then completely remove the old windshield.
  3. Our technician will use the the highest quality primers and adhesives to install your new windshield.
  4. They will clean all windows and vacuum any broken glass.
  5. The technician will tell you what you must do before you drive away to be safe and ensure a successful replacement.